Beyond the ‘government-versus-the-market’ debate: How the complexity sciences should inform policy making

PAR FrontColander & KupersPolarized policy discussions are, argue Colander and Kupers in Complexity and the Art of Public Policy, a hugely unhelpful policy compass for solving today’s problems. In their book, they argue that the polarized discussion should be replaced by “policy that follows from taking a complexity frame”, which they call laissez-faire activism. In laissez-faire activism, the government’s role is to design and create an ecostructure that allows laissez-faire policy to develop. Or, in other words, to focus on meta-policy that allows problems to be solved from the bottom-up. In my book review, I argue that Colander and Kupers have been able to put forward this argumentation very convincingly, informed by insights from the complexity sciences.

Publication | Verweij, S. (2015). Beyond the ‘government-versus-the-market’ debate: How the complexity sciences should inform policy making. Public Administration Review, 75 (4), 625-627.