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Qualitative Comparative Analysis As A Method For Evaluating Complex Cases: An Overview Of Literature And A Stepwise Guide With Empirical Application

The complexity of many cases, such as public projects and programs, requires evaluation methods that acknowledge this complexity in order to facilitate learning. On the one hand, the complexity of the cases derives from their uniqueness and nested nature. On the other hand, there is a need to compare cases in such a way that …

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Rethinking Environmental Justice In Sustainable Cities: Insights From Agent-Based Modeling

Many of the phenomena studied by public administration and policy researchers emerge as a result of complex interactions between various factors over time. That is, these phenomena are systemic and display properties of complex systems. As a consequence, they cannot be explained in a simple way by inquiring into the net effect of a variable on some outcome of …

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Producing Satisfactory Outcomes In The Implementation Phase Of PPP Infrastructure Projects: A Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis Of 27 Road Constructions In the Netherlands

An understudied aspect for the successful completion of PPP infrastructure projects is the extent to which they are satisfactorily implemented. Studying PPP implementation is important though, because well-planned projects can fail if project implementation is inadequately managed. This article aims to find out which management and public–private cooperation approaches produce satisfaction for public procurers in …

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Taking Stock Of Complexity In Evaluation: A Discussion Of Three Recent Publications

Arguably, the current interest in the complexity sciences has its roots in the natural sciences, often in interplay with, and enhanced by, developments in mathematics and informatics. An oft-cited reason for this interest has been the increased ability of current computing systems to deal with complex mathematics and algorithms. As complexity gains more traction in the natural sciences, …

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PhD Thesis Online Available: Once The Shovel Hits The Ground

On the 10th of September 2015 at 13:30h, I will publicly defend my PhD-thesis at Erasmus University Rotterdam [download invitation]. The thesis can be freely downloaded from my website [or download summary or the short summary], from the Erasmus University Rotterdam’s institutional repository, or from my ResearchGate profile. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Ing. Geert R …

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