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Presentation for the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (October 2nd, 2018) entitled Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA).

Presentation for the AESOP Annual Congress at the Chalmers University of Technology (July 12th, 2018) entitled Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) In Spatial Planning Research.

Presentation for the International QCA Summer Workshop at the University of Wuppertal (May 30th, 2018) entitled A Systematic Literature Review Of QCA In Spatial Sciences.

Presentation for the Modular Executive MBA in Public & Private at Nyenrode Business University (April 11th, 2018) entitled Collaborative Advantage In Complexe Intersectorale Vraagstukken.


Presentation [in Dutch] for the Colloquium Vervoersplanologisch Speurwerk at the Monasterium de Poortackere Gent (November 34th, 2017) entitled De Collaborative Advantage Van Publiek-Private Samenwerking In De Transportinfrastructuur: Een Agenda Voor Onderzoek Naar Het Institutioneel Ontwerp van PPS.

Presentation for the AESOP Annual Congress at the Instituto Superior Técnico (July 13th, 2017) entitled Achieving Spatial Quality In Integrated Planning: An Evaluation Of The Dutch ‘Room For The River’ Program Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis.

Guest lecture for Regioplan at the Amsterdam School of Real Estate (March 28th, 2017) entitled Introduction To Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA).


Presentation for the Modular Executive MBA in Public & Private at Nyenrode Business University (December 6th, 2016) entitled De Collaborative Advantage Van Publiek-Private Samenwerking?

Presentation for the Public-Private Partnership Conference: Smart Governance for Innovation by/in PPPs at the University of Antwerp (November 21st, 2016) entitled Realizing Multiple Spatial Policy Objectives Through Public-Private Partnerships: Propositions For Institutional Design.

Presentation [in Dutch] for the Vide Evaluators Network at the Ministry of Security and Justice (March 2nd, 2016) entitled Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) Als Evaluatiemethode: Potentieel En Uitdagingen.


Lectures for the IUSF-TIAS Autumn School: Concepts, Frameworks and Methods for the Comparative Analysis of Water Governance at JUFA Jülich Energiewelt Indeland (November 3rd, 2015) entitled Introduction To Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA).

Presentation for the Workshop on Economics and Management of Public-Private Partnerships: Will Public-Private Partnerships Improve our Future? at Venice International University (September 14th, 2015) entitled Public-Private Partnerships From Phase To Phase: Challenges And Strategies In Developing Dutch Transportation Infrastructure Projects.

Lekenpraatje for my PhD Defense at Erasmus University Rotterdam (September 10th, 2015) entitled Once The Shovel Hits The Ground: Evaluating The Management Of Complex Implementation Processes Of Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects With Qualitative Comparative Analysis.

Presentation [in Dutch] for the Masterclass Series at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (May 21st, 2015) entitled Dilemma’s Rond Uitbesteding Van Infra: DBFM Bestuurskundig Doorgelicht (with Sander Lenferink).

Presentation [in Dutch] for the Network Meeting of the Directorate of Production and Project Management at Rijkswaterstaat (January 27th, 2015) entitled Systematische Vergelijkende Projectevaluatie: Leren Uit De Projectendatabase.

Paper presentation for the Qualitative Comparative Analysis: Social Science Applications And Methodological Challenges conference at Tilburg University (January 15th, 2015) entitled The Relationships Between Governance Capacity And Environmental Policy Performance: A Comparative Evaluation Of 41 OECD And EU Countries With Fuzzy Set QCA.

Paper presentation for the PhD Platform For Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam (January 13th, 2015) entitled Once The Shovel Hit The Ground: A Qualitative Comparative Evaluation Into Achieving Satisfaction In The Implementation Of 27 Dutch Transportation Infrastructure Projects.


Paper presentation for the Netherlands Institute Of Government Annual Work Conference at Delft University of Technology (November 27th, 2014) entitled Once The Shovel Hit The Ground: A Qualitative Comparative Evaluation Into Achieving Satisfaction In The Implementation Of 27 Dutch Transportation Infrastructure Projects.

Presentation [in Dutch] for the PPP PhD-Network RWS at Rijkswaterstaat (November 11th, 2014) entitled When The Shovel Hits The Ground: Evaluation, Management And Public-Private Cooperation In Transport Infrastructure Projects.

Skype lecture for the Arizona State University Doctoral Program In Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam (May 27th, 2014) entitled A Short Introduction To Qualitative Comparative Analysis.


Paper presentation for the Global Challenges In PPP: Cross-Sectoral And Cross-Disciplinary Solutions? conference at the University of Antwerp (November 7th, 2013) entitled Dealing With Unexpected Events In Implementing PPP Projects: Lessons From Two Dutch Transportation Infrastructure Projects.

Paper presentation for the Jahrestagung Der DeGEval: Komplexität Und Evaluation at the German Society for Evaluation (September 13th, 2013) entitled Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis To Evaluate Complex Infrastructure Projects (with Lasse Gerrits).

Lecture for the Public Administration Methods Seminar Series at Erasmus University Rotterdam (May 14th, 2013) entitled Introduction To Qualitative Comparative Analysis (with Lasse Gerrits).

Paper presentation for the Challenges Of Making Public Administration And Complexity Theory Work conference at the University of La Verne (June 7th, 2013) entitled Institutional Interventions In Urban Systems: Rearranging Complexity And Managing Interfaces.

Paper presentation for the Challenges Of Making Public Administration And Complexity Theory Work conference at the University of La Verne (June 6th, 2013) entitled Managing Interferences In Large Infrastructure Projects: Results From An In-Depth Comparative Case Evaluation.

Presentation [in Dutch] for the HIVA Academy Methods Seminar Series at the Flemisch Evaluation Platform of KU Leuven (March 25th, 2013) entitled Het Potentieel Van QCA Voor Evaluatieonderzoek (with Valérie Pattyn).

Lecture [in Dutch] for the Governance And Management Of Complex Systems Master Program at Erasmus University Rotterdam (February 1st, 2013) entitled Qualitative Comparative Analysis: Introductie Tot Techniek (with Lasse Gerrits).