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Producing Satisfactory Outcomes In The Implementation Phase Of PPP Infrastructure Projects: A Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis Of 27 Road Constructions In the Netherlands

An understudied aspect for the successful completion of PPP infrastructure projects is the extent to which they are satisfactorily implemented. Studying PPP implementation is important though, because well-planned projects can fail if project implementation is inadequately managed. This article aims to find out which management and public–private cooperation approaches produce satisfaction for public procurers in …

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PhD Thesis Online Available: Once The Shovel Hits The Ground

On the 10th of September 2015 at 13:30h, I will publicly defend my PhD-thesis at Erasmus University Rotterdam [download invitation]. The thesis can be freely downloaded from my website [or download summary or the short summary], from the Erasmus University Rotterdam’s institutional repository, or from my ResearchGate profile. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Ing. Geert R …

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Voorsorteren Op De Belofte Van DBFM: Het Juist Managen En Evalueren Van De Complexiteit In DBFM-Transportinfrastructuurprojecten

Integrale DBFM-contracten in de transportinfrastructuur zijn nieuw en het duurt nog jaren voordat de eerste contracten aflopen. Om eerder al een indruk te krijgen van de prestatie van DBFM is systematische evaluatie nodig. Maar hoe evalueer je projectresultaten die in een wirwar van complexiteit tot stand komen? Net zoals smaakvolle gerechten tot stand komen door …

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How Satisfaction Is Achieved In The Implementation Phase Of Large Transportation Infrastructure Projects: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis Into The A2 Tunnel Project

In the implementation phase of transportation infrastructure projects, unplanned events will inevitably occur. Although this is increasingly acknowledged, little systematic research has been conducted into what management strategies are best for dealing with these unplanned events. This article investigates how managers respond to unplanned events that occur in the context of a project during implementation, …

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Achieving Satisfaction When Implementing PPP Transportation Infrastructure Projects: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis Of The A15 Highway DBFM Project

This article investigates how managers in public-private partnership (PPP) projects respond to social or physical events during the implementation of their projects, and which of their responses produce satisfactory outcomes. Multi-value Qualitative Comparative Analysis (mvQCA) was used to examine the events that took place during a large Dutch Design, Build, Finance and Maintain (DBFM) transportation …

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