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Master Thesis Supervision

  • Joël Goodijk (2019). Explaining cost overrun in infrastructure projects: A qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) of cost overrun in road infrastructure projects tendered as a public-private partnership.
  • Sander Philips (2019). Public-private partnerships: The influence of contractual and relational conditions on external stakeholder management: A case study of the A9 and A16 infrastructure projects.
  • Maarten van Sinderen (2019). Seeking innovation in D&C contracts: A qualitative comparative analysis of innovation in Dutch water related infrastructure development.
  • Oscar Loomans (2018). How a project’s organization stimulates innovation in public-private infrastructure development: A qualitative comparative analysis of DBFM cases in Dutch Infrastructure development.
  • Peter-Jan Scheer (2018). Professionalizing a project-based organization: The role of explicit risk management in steering towards project satisfaction.
  • Berend-Jan Bos (2017). Samenwerken in een alliantie? Infrastructuurprojecten in Nederland middels het alliantiemodel.
  • Jan-Hendrik Mackenthun (2017). Risking more private involvement in waterway infrastructure? Evaluating a Dutch contract in case of German’s navigation lock Scharnebeck.